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About ENDE

Published on 15 February 2017


The ENDE international workshop has been held every year since 1995. Its aim is to bring together engineers and scientists from universities, research institutions and industry who are active in research, development and industrial applications of Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation. The 22th edition of the workshop will take place in Saclay, France and is co-organized by CEA LISTand Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes (L2S) ​​under the co-chairpersonship of D. Lesselier (L2S) and C. Reboud (CEA LIST).


• Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation (NdT-NdE)
• Static to THz electromagnetics and beyond
• Smart models and high-performance computations
• Advanced sensors, from design to usage, involving single- or multi-physics   
• Inverse problems, imaging and signal processing in context of uncertain and relatively scarce data    
• Surrogate models, adaptive databases, model selection, and qualification of uncertainty    
• Multi-sensor data fusion, towards automatic approaches, and decision making
• Complex material characterization from small scales to large scales    
• Monitoring and diagnoses of mechanical structures    
• Innovative industrial applications



In addition to an array of premier contributions, those previous ENDE have been marked by edited peer-reviewed proceedings published by IOS Press as Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation, within the series Studies in Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics. The first (with a slightly different title as Non-Destructive Testing of Materials) appeared in 1995 under R. Collins, W. D. Dover, J. R. Bowler, and K. Miya. Twenty followed, the 21th being out in Spring 2017, following ENDE 2016.
This suite of Proceedings does provide an unique perspective on the many challenges and advances of electromagnetic non-destructive evaluation, and adds good value to the expert exchanges that are taking place at each Workshop. The 22th Proceedings, following ENDE 2017, will be out in February 2018. It will be, a first regarding those Proceedings, published as an Open Access publication on the IOS Press e-book platform.

History of ENDE workshops

  1stENDE, London, UK, 1995
  2ndENDE, Tokyo, Japan, 1996
  3rdENDE, Reggio Calabria, Italy, 1997
  4thENDE, Chatou, France, 1998
  5thENDE, Des Moines, United States, 1999
  6thENDE, Budapest, Hungary, 2000
  7thENDE, Kobe, Japan, 2001
  8thENDE, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2002
  9thENDE, Saclay, France, 2003
  10thENDE, East Lansing, United States, 2004
  11thENDE, Iwate, Japan, 2006
  12thENDE, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2007
  13thENDE, Seoul, Korea, 2008
  14thENDE, Dayton, United States, 2009
  15thENDE, Szczecin, Poland, 2010
  16thENDE, Chennai, India, 2011
  17thENDE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2012
  18thENDE, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2013
  19thENDE, Xi’an, China, 2014
  20thENDE, Sendai, Japan, 2015
  21stENDE, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016


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